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Hebron Hostel
West Godavari,
South India 534 301


We were to sad to hear of the home call of  Jennie Grace Prabakhar on 1st May 2019.
We send our sincere 
commisurations to her family and all at Hebron Hostel.

Gayl Victoria Spieringshoek (photograph below) was appointed
as Superintendent in 2018 and is doing well.
We pray earnestly that her time with Hebron Hostel will be truly blessed.
Please see the latest newsletters for the recent updates.
Gayl Spieringshoek

Summary of events leading up to Gayl's appointment:
Mrs Jennie Grace Prabhakar had served faithfully as Superintendent for many years, following the retirement of Joyce Harding (of our chapel).
Jennie Grace handed over to Esther Sirra in 2016 (see photograph below).
We were so sorry and shocked to hear of the passing of Esther Sirra to be with her Lord in 2017.
Please pray for the Esther's replacement, Gayl, and for all the girls, teachers and other helpers at the Hostel.

Esher Sirra

Esther Sirra was a promising pupil at the Hostel when Joyce Harding was in charge, and Esther came to the UK and studied medicine. She then went back to India and worked in Calcutta (Kolicot), eventually starting her own nursing school in Jagganandapuram a few miles from Nidadavole. She was serving on the Hostel Committee, and it was suggested that she might like to one day replace Jennie.

We apologise that the information below is rather dated, as it comes from the time when Miss
Joyce Harding had returned to the UK and our church.

The map below shows the location of Nidadavol
in the West Gadavari region of Andra Pradesh.
A photograph of Jennie Grace is included.
Also shown is
Holland Wharf Girls' Hostel near Narsapur, South India
with a photograph of the Joy Tilsley who was called home in 2011.
Nidadavol and a sister work in Narsapur

About the Hostel

In 1890 a boarding school for girls with family or health problems and orphans was started in Chettipeta (shown on map) by Miss Lily Bowden, and carried on by her sister Henrietta Bowden.  They  were the granddaughters of the pioneer missionaries to the Godavari.

In 1954 this was transferred to a spacious compound in Nadadavol under the guidance of Miss Joyce Harding. 
Hebron compound

The new centre was called Hebron Hostel and, in due course, other two storey buidings were constructed.  These now provide all the facilities, i.e. dormitories, box rooms, bath rooms, study rooms, a sewing room, dining hall, prayer hall, sick room, kitchen, etc.

Bowden Park is the happy place where there are slides, swings, see-saws, holiday hut, sand opit, climbing apparatus etc.
Bowden Park

The girls, from 4 to 20 years of age, come from poor families and from all castes and creeds.  At Hebron they receive food, clothing, education, medicine and are well cared for by the faithful staff.  Handicapped children receive special attention.  Some girls go on for further training such as Nursing and Tailoring in various towns after obtaining their school certificate. 

Their spritual needs are met by daily devotions, Sunday School, Worship Services, Annual Retreats etc.  The aim of Hebron is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ  to them all, and we praise the Lord that many respond.

Fasting and prayer continues every 1st Sunday in the month, which is attended by Staff, C
ollege students and Senior Girls.)

In 1998 Hermon School (now closed) was inaugurated in the grounds of Hebron.  Classes 1-5 attended this school, eliminating the problem of these small children having to walk to Chettipeta, 1 mile down a dangerous road beside the canal.  Classes 6-10 continued to attend the High School in Chettipeta.
Hermon School

Mrs Jennie Grace Prabhakar, shown here (left) with Joyce Harding (right).
Jenny Grace and Joyce Harding

Sources of information above

All the above information has been supplied by Joyce Harding who continued to work very hard to support the work at Hebron Hostel, from her home in Dorset.  It has been updated

More information?

If you would be interested in further information about Hebron Hostel or how you could support the work, we will be pleased to pass any communications on.  E-mail: Or visit the new Hebron Hostel web site.

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