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Last Updated: Feb 2018



We are pleased to host the meetings of
Verwood Stroke Club 
Next meeting:
Wed 28th February 2018
'Totty's Good Life Bees'
Totty Cruttenden
Please click here for more details
of this year's meetings
and for contact information

A Wonderful Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Led by Stephen & Jean Gillham
Tues 16th to Thurs 25th October 2018 based in Jerusalem and Galilee, with optional two day stay in Netanya on the Mediterranean.

Rev'd Brian Ruff
Midweek Bible Studies
The Autumn 2017 series was
The Message of Elijah and Elisha

It is hoped that CDs/MP3s
will be available soon.
- - -
CDs/MP3s are available
for the Spring 2017 studies in 1 Peter

Previous Midweek Bible Studies inc:
2014, 2015a, 2015b & 2016a
& 2016b

Support Myra's Wells
buy purchasing the music CD
specially produced by them:
To learn more please click here
CDs are available for a minimum donation of £10 per CD plus £2.25 P&P (UK)
This is a most enjoyable listen !

  To learn about the amazing
work of Myra's Wells

 please click here

We congratulate Eddie Martin,
who started Myra's Wells,
on his inclusion in the
New Years Honours list 2018
as a recipient of the
British Empire Medal.

Christian Institute
Click on the logo to access latest CI News and other video series, including:
The English Reformation & the Puritans
"In this 12-part series, Dr. Michael Reeves surveys Puritan theology and the work of the Holy Spirit when the Reformation flourished in England. Major milestones of this movement underscore the Puritan's special place in history, as they displayed spiritual wisdom and discernment still benefiting pulpits and believers today."

Our "In a Small Village" booklet was updated for our
80th Anniversary in 2014
This is a very interesting and well written history of the Chapel.
The author, Ken Orman, is a former elder and treasurer of the chapel, and is one of our members who attended those very first meetings as a boy.
The booklet is available free of charge
In a Small Village booklet

Keith Jones Christian Bookshop

Barnabus Fund logo and link

Visit the TRAIDCRAFT on-line shop

Ends 31 Jan 2018

Penlan Farm Cottage
For a Holiday in Wales

Looking for a place to take your youth group in South Wales?
Try Go Wild Adventures

9Marks Interviews
from Washington DC
Have a listen and see what you think.
Here is an example:
Christianity around the World
(it has some very interesting insights)

Together for the Gospel
A biennial conference for pastors
April 12 – 14, 2016
Watch the main sessions

Vernon Higham
We often sing the hymns of Vernon Higham and have his book "The Law of Love" in our library.
His sermons, hymns and more
are now available on-line.
Be encouraged and blessed.

is one of the most valuable resources on the Internet
It contains 1600 sermons of
Doctor David Martyn Lloyd-Jones
(20 Dec 1899 – 1 March 1981)
He was a Welsh Protestant minister,  preacher and medical doctor.
 For almost 30 years, he was the minister of Westminster Chapel in London.
Please click here
or on the photograph below to visit the site.
Photograph of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Audio Book every month
Simply sign up for their emails

The Evangelical Library - its e-Book Project and links to similar resources

Evangelical Times 
Christian History Timeline
World Mission Map

Evangelicals Now
another Christian Newspaper
popular with our church members

Grapic link to useful site
What are these all about?
Creeds, etc. have been used to summarise the essential truths of the Christian Faith ever since the early church. They were often agreed upon to prevent error and answer false teaching. They are not a substitute for the Bible but based on it. The linked site (click on the graphic above) brings the main ones together and includes some interesting articles about them.

The Gospel Coalition
TGC Conference 2017:
TGC Conference 2017 - media link
TGC Conference 2015:
 TGC 2015 conference media logo

Excellent speakers and interesting subjects.
Explore their whole web site - there is a wealth of high quality material to be found:
 - Search Start Page.
- For theologians there is the Themelios On-line Magazine.
- For Seekers and Christians alike there is the Topic Index. which leads you to resources on many important subjects.
Click here to sign up for an expository devotional email every week day.
One or two Bible verses with
explanation, application and prayer.

Currently working through John.

Calling all young people:
see the Theology Network links on our Resource Centre page

A special day out in London:
Did you know that Day One organise tours of the British Museum?
Click on the picture below for details.
Photograph of the Day One book - Through the British Museum with the Bible

9 a Day web site
In recent Prayer and Bible Study Evenings we looked at the Fruit of the Spirit.
This web site, which takes the same theme, is produced by the Langham Partnership
It is:

"... a global fellowship working in pursuit of the vision God entrusted to its founder
John Stott

Home Page Archive
Please click here to view some older content from this page

Verwood Road Evangelical Chapel
1934 - 2018
I AM THE LORD I CHANGE NOT (Malachi 3 v 16)
Bible based, Christ centred preaching and teaching, with the warmest of Dorset welcomes!

Proverbs 3:5 & 6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.
This scripture was chosen by Mrs Georgina Rowdon 
for us to specially remember in 2018.
May our Lord help us to put it into practice.

In Loving Memory of Mrs. Georgina Rowdon
Mrs Georgina Rowdon
We are sad to report that our most loved Georgina,
has been taken home to be with her Lord,
whom she served faithfully throughout her long life.
Georgina's funeral will be on Friday 23 February,
with a Thanksgiving Service at 2.00 pm at the church.

Coming Events 2018
Please come to any of our events or regular meetings,
to hear the wonderful good news of Jesus Christ!
"Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good ..."  Psalm 34 v 8

Friday Evening 16th February at 7.00 pm
A time of fellowship with light refreshments
and a Quiz
All are welcome to come along

especially if you a good at quizzes :)
- - -
Sunday 18th February 2018
10.30 am

Guest Preacher: Oliver Gross
This service will include a Service of Believer's Baptism
Baptismal service invitation
- - -
Sunday 4th March 2018
10.30 am

Guest Preacher: Jeremy Whiteley
6.30 pm
Guest Preacher: George Porter
- - -
Our Pastor Jeremy Andrews will lead the 10.30 am and 6.30 pm Services
on remaining Sundays in February and March 2018

- - -
Tuesday Evenings at 7.30 pm in March 2018:
Bible Study and Prayer Meetings
will include Bible Studies given by
- - -
Next Ladies Meeting: Saturday 17th March 2018

Ladies Bible Study
2.00 pm start or
1.30 pm for tea/coffee & biscuits

- - -
Bible Study and Prayer Meetings - Tuesdays 7.30 pm
Parents and Toddlers - Thursdays 10.30 am
Coffee Morning - Friday 10.30 am
Friday Zone for young children at manse
 For a full list of our regular meetings - please click here
- - -
Our Resources For You:
Are there questions about the Christian faith that you would like answered?
Try a visit to our on-line Resource Centre
or scroll down to "Answers to Questions".
Or - request a book to keep or borrow - suggest a topic you would be interested in.
Our contact details and e-ma il address are given below.
No obligation and no further follow-up unless requested.

- - -

Most recent Hebron Hostel Newsletter here

Interested in the Christian Faith?
Answers to Questions Video Series

A new video series produced by the Metrapolitan Tabernacle in London
Click on the image above to go to their web site
While you are there, take a look at their Quick Links - There might be more to interest you - for example:
Biographies - Really interesting accounts from the lives of 10 remarkable people
Themed Clips - "House of your soul" is very good
Heritage of Evidence - Biblical History confirmed by exhibits in the British Museum

Friday & Saturday Zones
New 2018 Schedules
Contact Jeremy or Ros Andrews

Do you own an iPhone/iPad, Smart Phone or Tablet?
Here are some Apps you might find useful:
All available from Google Play and for iPhones / iPads
Bible Gateway - Read or listen to various translations of the Bible
OnePlace -  A wide selection of Bible Broadcasts including some of our favourites:

From the MLJ Archive (Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones)
Grace to You (John MacArthur)
Back to the Bible (Warren Wiersbe)
Truth for Life (Alistair Begg) (TRUTH FOR LIFE Apps also recommended)
Let My People Think (Ravi Zacharias)

The Bible Study Hour (Dr James Boice)
Renewing Your Mind (Dr R C Sproul, Sinclair Ferguson and others)

Sermon Audio.com - An even wider selection of sermons (over 1,000,000 in fact)
Check out: Geoff Thomas, Joel Beeke and more from "Sermons by Speaker"
or find sermons on any book, chapter or verse in the Bible from "Sermons by Bible"
plus whole
live services, News items and Online Hymnal (words only)
  (click here for iPhone and iPad editions)

Please Pray for Syria
Our Missionary Evening with visitors from Syria (February 2014)
was a great encouragement and challenge for all who attended

Some Events and Missionary Visits in 2016/2017:
Most recently:
- - -
  We were much blessed by the visit of John and Ketani Matiza
for our missionary meeting on Tuesday 10th October 2017 at 7.30 pm
John and Ketani Matiza
John and Ketani Matiza who are working with
OM Zimbabwe
and Smile International
- - -
We thank John Combes and Brian Ruff for making this a very special weekend
Invitation to Church Anniversary 2017
- - -
Tuesday 5th September 2017 at 7.30 pm
Paul Tanner was our speaker at the
Missionary Meeting
Paul and his family are serving the Lord in Botswana
Paul's presentation was excellent
We congratulate them on the safe arrival of a baby sister
Tanner newl-header
- - -

Tuesday 2nd May 2017
Missionary Evening & Prayer Meeting
with Mike Berry of the

- - -
Tuesday 25th April 2017 at 7.30 pm
We welcomed Steve Penny of
SASRA logo
- - -
Tuesday evenings in March were a real treat with
Stephen Gillham
speaking on
Psalm 23
at our
Bible Study & Prayer meetings
The meetings were entitled:
March 7th : Introducing the Shepherd
March 14th : Following the Shepherd
March 21st : Trusting the Shepherd
March 28th : Living with the Shepherd
- - -
On Friday February 17th we had a
FEAST Evening:
Fellowship supper
followed by a slide presentation of the Holy Land
by Rob Wicks
(FEAST = Friday Evening At Six Thirty)
We thank everyone who contributed to this excellent evening -
especially those who prepared and served the food,
and most of all Rob for the care he took preparing and delivering the presentation.
Thank you, also, to all visitors who came and made the evening that bit extra specia
and even helped with the clearing up.

- - -
On Tuesday 1st November 2016
Eddie Martin spoke about the wonderful work
God is doing through
Myra's Wells
  There are now over 100 wells that have been drilled.
We congratulate Eddie Martin for being awarded
the British Empire Medal in the 2018 New Year Honours List.

Burkina Faso whre the wells are drilled
Eddie Martin with plaque at handover
- - -
Back in September 2016 we celebrated the chapel's 82nd anniversary
with Peter Gladwin and Brian Ruff.
View Peter's testimony HERE
or visit the "Out of Ashes" web site HERE.
This was the invitation:
Church Anniversary Invitation Sept 24th (5 pm) & 25th (10.30am & 6.30pm) 2016
This was a most blessed weekend.
- - -

Graham Kimber & family visited us
Tuesday 31st May 2016
 (Graham first visited us in December 2012)
Graham Kimber and family
Graham is a Radio Engineer who is now working with Transworld Radio in Africa.  
He and his wife Jean and two girls (Jessica and Bernice) are now living and working in Swaziland
Please pray for their them all, expecially for Graham as he performs potentially dangerous repairs
- - -

We had a FEAST (Friday Evening At Seven Thirty)
  on Friday 22nd April 2016
An Evening with Prospects
(including an excellent buffet)
Many thanks to all those that made it happen

Prospects Logo
Peter Winmill spoke clearly and passionately about the work of Prospects

(in their own words)

" ...work through local churches to reach out to families affected by learning disability
to offer the very best quality in professional care, in Jesus' name.” 
Prospects has now joined with Livability; their web site is: https://www.livability.org.uk/

Prospects - what they do

Please come along to the next FEAST
- - -

Tuesday Evenings Bible Study Series with Stephen Gillham
Stephen continues to be very involved with the
world-wide ministry of Bible Educational Services
and the Postal Bible Schools
For more information click the image below:
Click Here to view the BES/PBS site

We continue to remember:

On Tuesday 1st December 2015 at 7.30 pm
we had an update on the work of the

Zambesi Mis
sion from Mike Berry
Mike emphasised the work of Myles and Ruth MacBean, and others,
who are using their skill to help develop the church in Malawi and northern Mozambique . 
Please see if God would have you support this exciting work in prayer, giving or some other way.
In the second half of his presentation Mike spoke from Philippians 1v3-11 & 2v19-29
about Partnership in the Gospel. 
What is partnership?
1—It is prayerful - the Philippians were praying for Paul and he was praying for them.
2—It is personal - Paul knew all about them through Epaphroditus (their messenger).
—It is practical - only the Philippians sent a messenger to Paul to help.

--- Click below for more information ---
Click here to view Zambesi Mission web site

We send our greetings to Tom Jardine who introduced us to the mission.
- - -

Joy at an MAF arrival

- - -
Please see our Home Page Archive also

Audio and Videos are available from Together for the Gospel
Example discussion on
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Pastor-Evangelist:

Together for the Gospel 2014
Speakers (L to R):
Mark Dever, John MacArthur, Iain Murray, Jonathan Catherwood

- - -

Joan Bakewell Interviews Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones
A YouTube video uploaded by the MLJ Trust with kind permission from Dame Joan Bakewell

2016 Convention media - logo

Explore the STAND to REASON web site

DA Carson - How Could God Allow Suffering? (A Video)
 How Do We Know if God Is Disciplining Us? (a Blog, again by Don Carson)

In Loving Memory
A page dedicated to those of our Church Family
who are now at Home with their Lord and Saviour

We have a selection of booklets by John Blanchard
If you live in Three Legged Cross or the surrounding area -
please contact us for a free booklet (while stocks last). No obligation.

Be encouraged : Start and end the day with
Charles Haddon Spurgeon's Daily Readings
New to Spurgeon? - Watch the movie

Every Week:

Friday Coffee Morning, Craft, Parents and Tots (and CAMEO once a month)
Please Click Here for Days and Times
Friday and Saturday Zone

Together for the Gospel Conference Videos and Audio Messages are  available at:

Two Ways to Live Gospel Presentation - Click Here to View
A Gospel Presentation from Australia! - Highly Recommended

Also from the same source (matthiasmedia) some interesting articles from their magazine:
"The Briefing"

An introduction to Joseph Hart - Hymn Writer
(Dr John R Ling of 'Evangelicals for Life' is writing a book about him)
Matthew Henry's

Do you think there must be something more to life?
CrossCheck - An explanation of the Gospel

Home Page Archive
Please click here to view some older content from this page

Our Resources For You:
Are there questions about the Christian faith that you would like answered?
Try a visit to our on-line Resource Centre
Or - request a book to keep or borrow - suggest a topic you would be interested in.
Our contact details and e-mail address are given below.
No obligation and no further follow-up unless requested.

Contact Information:

Front View of Chapel
Verwood Road Evangelical Chapel,
Three Legged Cross,
Dorset, BH21 6RW

Pastor: Jeremy Andrews
01202 813608


More about us:


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