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Hebron Newsletter No. 23
16th Aug 2007

Hello Everybody

Here in August It is Holiday time and I hope you all are enjoying it, especially the children with NO school!

But In India the students are now settling into their 1st term in another class or school or into some kind of training. So, we want to tell you about our own Hostel girls In their various stages of education at this time.

Photo of Clases 1-5 Hermon School

In Hermon School we have 150 girls in these classes, with 7 teachers.  Here you can see them in formation ready for Morning Assembly, before lessons start. 

Being a Christian School we are privileged to be allowed to have this time, which includes Singing of Gospel Songs, Reading of Scripture from the Bible, Prayers to our Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, and a short illustrated talk by a member of staff.

The girls look very attractive in their cerise and green uniforms, specially chosen to match the beautiful bougainvillea shrubs in the compound.

All these little girls can go to the Hostel for their midday meals, then have a period of games in Bowden Park before the older ones return in the afternoon.

PRAY especially for all the new little ones just admitted, that they may settle in quickly and happily.

Photo of High School Classes 6-10

ALL our girls now attend Chettipeta High School for the following reasons:
As you can see they look very smart in their blue and white uniforms which is used for all Govt. High Schools in the area

PRAY especially for their escort Virgilia (an 'old' girl and wife of our recently retired driver Raji). She needs much patience and wisdom in leading and controlling these girls every morning and evening.

Photo of Senior Students at College

There are now 16 who have passed 10th class (the final in High School) and have entered various Colleges in Nidadavol.

They wear their own style and colour of dress- a Punjabi Suit, which all young women now wear (only older women and those in particular work wear saris).

These College Students are now 'young ladies' and do not have bags or boxes for their books, but carry them on 'writing boards' with their own meals in their own tiffin boxes.

Also they are permitted to travel to college with their own class-mates.

PRAY especially for them on their daily journeys, that they may be protected from harm, danger and temptation.

Also that those who are true Christians may be bright witnesses in their particular group.

Most of them are baptised believers and help in the Hostel Sunday School, Si Prayers

We praise God for these excellent results in education, and for all the good hard work done by teachers, staff, and special coach masters who helped the girls.

Now we PRAY for similar good results in the spiritual work, in Sunday School, Bible Classes, Daily Prayers, and all special meetings and Retreats arranged for this year.


Although there has been serious and extensive flooding in the northern part of West Godavari, East Godavari and Orissa, and several states in North India, there was no trouble in our area.

But there was an epidemic of diarrhoea and vomiting in the area, and several of our girls had to be sent to Hospital.

As there was cyclonic weather, and continual threat of flooding, the Committee decided that girls should be sent home. Therefore Jennie sent messages to the relatives and the girls (except 18) went home.

Now as the rain has stopped, flooding has receded and epidemic controlled, they have been asked to return after 15th August.

We ask you to pray earnestly about the situation and for wisdom to be given to all in authority at this time. We have much to thank God for in all things, and continue to trust Him for the Future.

With many thanks for your generous help and support, without which we could not continue.

Your Friend in Jesus' Name,

Joyce Harding