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Hebron Newsletter No.20.
December 2006

Hi! All Sponsors and Friends of Hebron Hostel.

Here we come to the last of these letters from the 3 Hs. for this year 2006, and look back on all that has happened and how the Lord has blessed and guided in it all. We can truly say - 'The Lord has done great things for us and we are glad.' I trust that each one of us can say that about our own life stories.

We want to tell you about two of our Senior Staff who have been with us for some years:
Photo of Kasturi and Grace Matilda
Firstly GRACE MATILDA, who has visited England twice, and has met quite a number of you. She and her younger sister Joy, came to the Hostel when they were very little girls, and were later followed by their youngest sister Prema (which means Love). Their parents were both teachers in one of our Mission Schools in East Godavari District, and had a bright Christian witness in school and home. There are 3 older brothers, 2 of whom are now also serving the Lord in their work. Grace and her sister were educated in the local schools, but Grace could not reach the required standard for a School Leaving Certificate. However, we discovered that she had a wonderful gift in her hands and fingers, so was sent to a Govt. Training School for Tailoring and Embroidery. Here she developed her God-given talent, and her book of samples of all kinds of needlework and fancy stitching is a marvelous show-piece, admired by all. Grace then returned to the Hostel and became our Tailor, making the girls' uniforms and teaching them various types of embroidery. I have had many examples of her lovely work in my home, cushion covers, runners, mats, chair-backs, hankies, floral garlands, etc. Both Grace and Joy were baptised, and Grace became a member of  Staff, and teacher in Sunday School and Vacation Bible Schools, whilst Joy was married. Grace much enjoyed English life and ways, and has been a real 'daughter' to me accompanying me on holidays in the hills, and assisting in gospel trips in the jungle.

She is now working as a teacher in Hermon School with Class 2, and also lives with and supervises Senior Girls in Faith Room in Hosanna House. We Praise God for her (another 'product' of the Hostel Work), and ask you to pray for her health, as she suffers severely with asthma. Also pray that she may continue to love and serve the Lord and be a good example to the girls in her care.

The other person in the photo is KASTURI, who has been a member of staff for nearly 20 years! She was saved and baptised before she came to us, and had studied up to 10th Class, and had taken her School Certificate Exam, but unfortunately failed. However, she has helped in many ways and became our store-keeper, being responsible for giving out the daily rations for cooking and meals, and ordering new supplies. As we were then being helped by World Vision, she had to keep very careful records of everything , especially the different grains which were then supplied to all hostels, and in this she was very faithful. She takes a Sunday School Class, and helps with Daily Devotions. But she too suffers with asthma, and often has to go to the doctor for injections.

She comes from a poor Christian family with 2 younger sisters who are married. Her parents have died, and there is one brother who works in a High School. Like Grace, she has not married and now works in Hermon School with the 1st Class, and Jennie says she is a good teacher. She loves the Lord. and is very conscientious in all her work for Him, but longs to know His Will for her future.
So please pray for her.

Photo of Raju and his bike
Now we see one of our male staff- Raju, whose photo has appeared before with the other 2 men workers. He is the son-in-law of our previous helper and driver - Raji, who retired last year. Raju is a keen believer, and a great help to Jennie in many ways, as he also drives the car, and is the chief buyer of supplies in the market and bazaar. Here you see him proudly showing off his new scooter, which was bought recently for him by John and Eileen Cossins when they were in India last year. They noticed that Raju was going to Nidadavol (2 kms) several times daily on an old cycle, so gave him this motor cycle which saves so much time and energy. Raju is delighted of course, and praises God for this provision. In his 'spare' time, Raju goes into the surrounding  villages to encourage the little groups of believers there, by prayer and reading God's Word. So please ask the Lord to give him continual strength, love and wisdom to continue this very necessary service.
His son Ravindra is also one of our workers, and tends the gardens and plants in the Hostel. He also is a true believer in the Lord Jesus.

So- we praise God for these very faithful members of our staff, and pray that He will provide more like them, for our family has now increased and we need extra help.

With special thanks for being partners in the Lord's Work in Hebron Hostel, this past year.
May HIS JOY fill YOUR LIVES as you PRAISE HIM for sending His SON JESUS.
May HIS LOVE fill YOUR HEARTS as you give Him YOUR WORSHIP, and share HIS GREAT GIFT with others.
Yours Rejoicing in the Name of Jesus,

Joyce Harding.

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