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Hebron Newsletter No. 18.
Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Hello again to all Sponsors and Friends,

Are you looking for more news from the 3 Hs.? Strange - how the time flies by ! Another year of events has passed at Hebron, and they are now preparing for the new school year starting in June. But there is no time limit with God and He works out everything exactly according to His perfect Plan. We have seen how He has guided and directed in all that has happened at Hebron recently.


Photo 1 - Sharon and Probhavati

In Photo No 1, you see a tall young lady - SHARON by name, who is now the Hostel Matron. Her Aunt Ramabai was once a little girl in the old Boarding Home in Chettipeta, for a few years, and was sponsored by one of our missionaries. Sharon comes from a village in East Godavari, and has studied Intermediate Class in a Polytechnic school. Her parents (Christians) heard of our need of a Matron, and after discussion and prayer with Jennie Grace, felt that Sharon would be suitable. She came and fitted in well, and has now been in H.H. for about 3 years.

PRAISE for her previous connections, and PRAY that she will fulfil all duties as to the Lord, and teach the girls to do the same. Also PRAY for more help in the kitchen.

We now introduce you to the latest addition to our Staff - PRABHAVATI - (the shorter young lady) who is now working as - a teacher in Hermon School. She comes from a Hindu family (Padma Sali caste), and has also studied Intermediate Class, and has had 3 years teaching experience in a nursery school. She was converted after attending special meetings held by a local evangelist, who introduced her to Jennie Grace. She is a dedicated believer, very active and honest, entering into all the activities of the Hostel and School most faithfully. She was stirred by the Holy Spirit in the November Retreat, and was baptised in her own village during the Christmas holiday.

We PRAISE God for sending her, and PRAY that she may be a good example to all. Continue to PRAY for a Trained Teacher to help Jennie Grace.

Photo 2 - Venkata

The 2nd photo shows VENKATA, one of our Senior Girls. She also comes from a Hindu family, but was converted and baptised in her own village, before joining Hebron Hostel in the 8th class. She has now completed her B.A. degree, and will be attending computer classes on her return from vacation. Recently we have been praying much for someone to be a Secretary to Jennie Grace, and now see God's guidance. Several had thought that Venkata might be suitable for the job. Then Jennie was prompted to speak to her about it, and when she was asked, she expressed willingness to act in this capacity! She has also been handicapped by a crippled leg, but her sponsors paid for an operation, which has given her more freedom in mobility P.T.L. for sponsors.

So let's PRAISE God for His unmistakable guidance in this girl's life, and her desire to serve Him.

PRAY also that other Seniors may be guided in a similar way.

II. In HAPPY HOURS of the Spiritual Programs.

In April, a Second Retreat was held by the same Team that came in November, and again God blessed their efforts wonderfully. 24 girls testified to their new found faith in Jesus and one Senior asked for baptism. She will be baptised with the others who have been waiting for their parents' permission.

How we PRAISE God, for using that group of keen young people, and PRAY that the girls may be encouraged in their `new' lives, and stand firm against trials and temptations.

III. In the HONEST HARD work in Schools.

There have been good results in Exams, as 14 out of 16 of the 10th class girls passed their final School Exams, and will be going to College, or some kind of Training. Also, 7 College Students passed in 1st and 2nd Year. 4 girls in Health Workers' Nursing Course have successfully completed their Training, and will be looking for jobs.

We PRAISE God for His help to all, and PRAY for the next step in their lives.

IV. In HEAVENLY HEALING of the Superintendent.

YES, it is definitely a miracle performed by the Lord, as some thought that Jennie would not survive, but the Lord has work for her to do in Hebron, and she can now walk easily, and attend to all her duties. We expect a good report from her recent check-up, and indeed have just heard that the Doctors are very satisfied with her condition, and all has healed well.

Again we PRAISE God for His Goodness, and PRAY for Jennie's complete Renewal in every way for her responsibilities for the new term.

Therefore we have so much for which to give God thanks, and also much for which to continue to intercede in this year's work.

We again thank you all for your constant support in prayer and practical help. Keep up the good work!


There will be a Sponsors' Rally in Pinehurst Chapel, West Moors, on September 7th at 6 p.m. Please book this in your diaries, and try to join us there.

With hearty greetings in the Name of Jesus

Joyce Harding

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