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John & Eileen Cossins' visit Jan/Feb 2006

A report on the Hostel and School 2005,
from Jennie Grace to Amme (Joyce Harding)

Dear Amme,

All the glory and honour and all our Praises belong to God our Father and to the Saviour Jesus Christ.

We all praise God for His faithfulness to us. By His grace we are able to run the hostel for His glory last year.

Morning and evening prayers for Hermon School children and High School and college girls are conducted daily.

Two retreats one in October and the other in March were conducted.

Vocational Bible School was held in April 05 with a team of 8 in the leadership of Mr. Raja Kumar Children's Missionary. All the children were moved by it.

On Sunday evenings special meetings and Bible study classes are conducted. From 30.10.05 to 01.11.05 a midterm retreat was arranged. God sent a dedicated team of 8, ...all talented and have burden for winning souls.

As a result 40 children dedicated to witness by having baptism on 18.12.05. To avoid pressure from the government 22 girls only having chance and the rest will take baptism in next year June 2006. Praise the Lord.

Photo taken at the Baptism
Photograph taken at the Baptism 18.12.2005

There are 16 Sunday School classes regularly taken by the staff and college girls.

A good number of Christian Literature story books, books on political leaders are kept in the library and given to the children to read.

Picnics and an excursion was arranged to a nearby place for enjoyment. The magazines; we available to the staff and children are Kalvar Kanthi, Sakshi, Kalvari Prema, Mirror and daily news paper.

Balanced diet is supplied 3 times in a day. Rice, dhal, butter milk, eggs, all vegetables, sometimes fruit are included in each meal. Lunch boxes are sent to the children studying in outside schools. Chicken on holidays and special occasions.         

Periodical check ups were done to all me children and the follow up medicine is given. Many children suffered from fever, especially those who come from; tribal area. The girls who found sick from malaria are treated separately by the Pediatrician. Special diet, egg milk and fruit are given to weak children.

A girl T.Vijayalakshmi passed B.A. and joined in long term computer course, suddenly passed away when she went home on Dasara holidays with heart problem. It is a loss for the hostel.

Many children became sick in September to November this year. Some suffered from typhoid^ Malaria. A girl from brain malaria wbih was very dangerous.

Out of 20 S.S.C. girls 20 passed, some joined in College, 4 in MPHW nursing, 1i in Telugu Pandits Course. Salomi will finish her general nursing in 2 months, 3 are in general nursing and Lakshmi Satyaveni passed 2nd year in 1st class and got 2 rank in her class. We are proud of her.

There are 300 children in the hostel and 160 girls are sponsored. We are grateful to Miss E.J. Harding, Mr. & Mrs. Cossins who find sponsors to our girls. We are grateful to child's Trust who support 15 girls. Our special thanks to the local (Indian) sponsors. Many sponsors are sending gift parcels for Christmas for which we are grateful.

My special thanks to women's missionary Society
for sending 2 parcels every year contained clothes, bags, small gifts for Sunday school children Special thanks to Three Legged Cross Church (England) for their contribution quarterly, Echos of Service (England) for their quarterly support and yearly support. To SKI for their services to release the sponsored money.

We are encouraged by the visits of Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Cossins, England, Mr. & Mrs. Hambleton (Australia), Mr. & Mrs. Mark Thomas Child Trust (England) and Mr. Mark Heyler, (England).

Note books, uniform are supplied to all the children and Text books too to Hermon School Children. Christmas clothes in December and extra clothes to needy children are supplied.

Hosanna House:
The new dormitory Hosanna House was opened on 26th of January 2005 for the glory of God. Many dignitaries, elders and parents of the hostel children taken part. Special programme was arranged. The meeting was successfully started with the Chairperson Mr. K. Satyanarayana.

Main building was opened by Miss B.J.C. Tilsley, Narsapur. Mr. J. Cossins delivered the message.

21.09.05 to 24.09.05 after hearing a sudden rumor that we may have floods soon. God gave a thought to get food materials including vegetables for several days. Hosanna House accommodated all the 300 girls for 4 days.

Suddenly the flood water entered into our compound 2' ft. in the
bungalow, 6 ft. in some places in the compound, every where water-Hosanna House, Kitchen, Store Room are high enough to stop flood water at the door step. Staff prepared every meal and were safe in their rooms. Praise the Lord.

About me: (Jennie Grace)
"Come and see the works of the Lord" Ps 46:8a, Ps 116:8-14-Ps 118:16-18.

My accident on 22nd August 04 was a shock to me. My survival was a question and a doubt to many.

Yes indeed. But God protected my life though 4 of my limbs and hip including famour head had
fractures. God protected my head, heart, lungs and spinal cord for which I am grateful to God.

people, friends, relatives, elders, parents of the hostel girls, committee members visited me, comforted me and prayed for me. My daughter applied 6 months leave and stayed with me with her children with her own expenses. My special thanks to Mr. Thomas Rajan for keeping wheel chair in last September which is very useful afterwards, and-Mr. & Mrs. Cossins for getting sticks from England which are useful now after 1 year.

I cannot express my gratefulness in words who readily stretched
their hands to bear all my expenses in total. As soon as the message received Amme Harding, Cossins they readily passed on that message to other friends and prayed for me and I felt that divine* touch of healing when I was on the bed.

I thank all who prayed for me and praying for me. I am the
living witness of God. My thanks to our staff, senior girls and college girls who assisted me when I was on the bed. I used Zimmer for 2 months slowly put a few steps without any support, now walking a little bit free. It is a real miracle. I dedicate once again my life to God and want to serve Him according to His will.

Prayer requests:
1. A staff member Miss. A. Kasturi is sick and couldn't return to duty after summer and praise the Lord for her return in Nov and feeling better.
2. Spiritual growth of the children.
3. For Unity among staff.
4. For a trained teacher and night watchman.
5. For completion of dining hall and assembly hall.
6. For the complete recovery of Jennie Grace.
7. We thank God for Prabhavathi a new staff in Hermon School.

Have a Happy Christmas

Itinerary for John & Eileen Cossins

  Picture of Joyce Harding with John and Eileen Cossins
Above is a picture of John and Eileen Cossins with Joyce Harding
(Taken in Verwood Road Evangelical Chapel - 2005)

January 9   

Leave home. Overnight at Hotel Ibis, near Heathrow

January 10   
Depart Heathrow Terminal 3 on Flight GF2 to Bahrain on Airbus 340
Arrive Bahrain
Depart Bahrain on Flight 68 on Boeing 767 stopping at Muscat

January 11  
Arrive Chennai
Taxi for 17 Kms to YWCA, Chennai. Ring Jennie Grace, check train time.
Catch Howrah Mail Express 6004 (Chennai-Calcutta)

January 12  
Arrive Nidadavole approximately (Can be 2 hours late)
Taxi and girls to meet us. Drive 3 Kms to Hebron Hostel

Between January 12 and February 10 we will be involved in the following:
John preaching on various occasions at local churches and in the jungle villages.
Pray that he will have the right message for the many hundreds of people who will listen.
Practically, we will be decorating the school furniture and possibly the internal
walls of the five school classrooms.
John will no doubt be involved in general running
repairs etc. and discussing the New Building of the Assembly Hall, (with Builder?).
general repairs of water pipes and electrics.

Eileen will have discussions with Jennie Grace regarding provision of a secretary, the Hostel annual accounts.
Sponsors, new profiles and photos of girls, arrangements for
the naming ceremony for the Dining Hall extension.
Discussion regarding commencement
of the Computer Training School, and the Tailoring School.
Eileen will be involved with
spiritual talks with the Staff and older girls, special meetings with the village women, helping in the school, working on the Computer, organising races with the little children, daily exercise programme with all the children.

We will also be taking out the bound copies of the new Constitution document. There has been no such document in place before, and all Committee members must sign it and adhere to its requirements showing their commitment to the work of the Hostel and School.
We anticipate visiting Jagganandapuram, a jungle village where Doctor Esther has her School of Nursing.
Esther was one of the many girls who have been through our Hostel,
and has had her work recognised by the Indian government.
Joyce Harding (Three Cross)
is justifiably pleased with her achievement.
We will possibly both take meetings in this
We will also meet many of the evangelists who tramp the jungles of the Godavari
delta, and possibly visit some of their villages.

In early February we hope to visit Joy Tilsley in Narsapur involving a 45 mile bus journey, and while there meet Mr Satyanarayana and the Bethesda Leprosy and Aids Hospital.
will be meetings at the Hospital for John to take, and also at Joy's Hostel for giris for Eileen.

February 10 
Depart Hebron Hostel and catch the Circa Express Sleeper to Chennai around     4.30pm

February 11  
Arrive Chennai 6.30 am and taxi to YWCA. Partial overnight stop.

February 12 
Taxi at 4 am to Airport. Depart on Flight 69 Boeing 767 to Bahrain via Muscat - 7.30am
Arrive Bahrain - 11.20 am
Depart Bahrain on Flight GF3 on Airbus Industrie (!) -13.10 am
Arrive Heathrow Terminal 3 - 17.55 pm

India is 5.5 hours ahead of GMT, so our journey home will be a 29.5 hour day!

We earnestly seek your prayers for our travelling, sometimes in quite difficult situations, and for our health and general care and protection, and more especially for God's help and guidance that we will be usable in His Service teaching, training, encouraging and exhorting, and generally supporting Jennie Grace Prahbaker.

John and Eileen

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