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Hebron Newsletter No. 29
4th November 2008

Photo of Ayanapaithi Ramelekshmi
Ayanapaithi Ramelekshmi

 I am Ayanaparthi Ramalakshmi, one

of the girls whom Amma is helping
(sponsoring) in Hebron Hostel, and I am sitting in my favourite
position. We all like to sit in this way for reading, writing, drawing
or doing embroidery, for it is the most natural position for us,
wherever we are.

In the following photos you will see some
of our Hostel and School girls in their
classes with their teachers, doing their
lessons, (even writing exams!)
The last exams were in March-April, then
the eagerly awaited results came in July-August.
Here are some of them:-
In the 10th class - (the final class of the High School) 18 out of 27 pupils passed and 8 of these will
join in the Vocational Junior College in Nidadavol. Here pupils are able to study subjects relevant to
their future course in College.
2 joined in Women's College, Nidadavol, 2 in a Health Worker's Course * and 3 in a Secretarial
Course, (in other towns), so we are pleased that all these girls will get suitable training for their future.
Of college students 6 out of 7 passed their vocational exams
and are now doing general nursing course in a Hospital in Tanuku.

(* This is a Hospital run by Sirra Esther - one of our previous pupils, and also now on our Hostel Committee.)

Photo of Class 5
Class 5 with Ventata Darga

Photo of Class 2
Class 2 with Grace Matilda

Photo of Class 1
Class 1 with Kasturi

Problems and Points for Prayer

1.   For Jennie Grace, that she may know God's peace and comfort after the shock of the sudden
home-call (a heart-attack) of her elder son Sammy.
Also for his widow and 2 daughters (10 &
12) - in Hyderabad.

2.   For the staff - as for different reasons there are now 4 vacancies - to be filled by suitable and
capable believers and that there may be a real sense of love and unity amongst them.

3.   For remaining staff, to be faithful in duties, loyal to Jennie Grace and do service as to their
Heavenly Master.

4.   For the 325 girls in Hostel, that may realise their need of obedience to and respect for the staff
and work and play happily together.

5.   For the new pupils to settle quickly and not be home-sick, but make friends with others.

6.   For God's continual blessing - and over-ruling in all matters - so that Hebron Hostel may be a
definite witness to all around.

You may be wondering how I am and the reason for the delay in sending out this letter.
Many of you will know that I fell on August 27th and was taken to hospital. Subsequently, I had two major
operations and am now recovering in a rehabilitation community hospital.

It has been a very trying time but the Lord has been my strength and stay and is now helping me to
overcome the difficulties of rehabilitation including physiotherapy and the slow process of getting
back to normal life again.

I have been overwhelmed by all the love and kindness shown to me by relatives and friends and know
that the Lord is answering your prayers and will continue to overrule in all my future plans.

Please accept my sincere loving gratitude in the name of the Lord,

Joyces Harding.

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