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Hebron Newsletter No.19.
September 2006

Hello! Sponsors and Friends,

Here we are at the end of the summer holidays, and I hope you have had some happy times with family and friends.

What a joy it is to have visitors, especially when they come from another country, and bring news of folk and events there. I had this great privilege this summer of having 2 special people here from India. JOY TILSLEY an her co-worker SANTOSHAM, and it was a very special day - being Joy's birthday. Joy is like my sister, for her parents (Crawford and Marjorie Tilsley, previous missionaries in the Godavari) were like father and mother to me, helping and teaching me so much when I first went to India. Joy and I have shared many happy times and also sad experiences together.

Picture of Joy and Santosham
Joy Tlsley (right) with Santosham (left)

Joy Tilsley:
Joy was bom in India, having her early education there, then getting her degree in Canada, and her M.A. in Oxford. While she was teaching in England the Lord called her to work amongst the young people in Narsapur so she came in 1956 (7 years after me!).

The Lord helped her to move to another mission property, where she was able to erect and develop buildings, now known as Holland Wharf Girls Hostel. There are now 350 girls living there, and also an Industrial School for Training in Tailoring and Needlework. This year they celebrated their Jubilee ( 50 years ) of service and had a great time of Praise to God - Who is able to do exceedingly more than we can ask or think.

Many girls have obtained degrees at the local college, and gone into training for teachers or nurses, but more importantly many have found the Lord Jesus as personal Saviour and committed their lives to Him, witnessing in their own districts.

Joy is a fluent speaker in the difficult language of Telugu and a gifted Bible Teacher. Although having difficulty with mobility, she was able recently to travel around the U.K. to visit friends and sponsors, and has now returned for a further term of service for her Master. She is now the only remaining European worker in the Godavari Delta.

For the greater part of her time here, SANTOSHAM was with her.

Santosham is one of my 'old' girls, and has an interesting history. She was bom in a Hindu caste family, but with parents who had been converted, and were true Christians, some years before. The mother (illiterate) wanted her daughters to go to a Mission School or Hostel to leam to read the Bible, so brought Santosham to Hebron Hostel (against all family tradition). While Santosham was here, she also trusted in Jesus as her Saviour and became a strong believer. Her 3 younger sisters also later came to the Hostel, and they too became Christians much to the displeasure of their older brothers and relatives, who are still opposed to anything Christian. Santosham went on to High School, and then trained as a teacher, getting a post as Handicraft Teacher in the Mission High School in Narsapur (50 miles from Nidadavol).

Although her relatives wanted her to marry one of their Hindu families, Santosham very definitely refused, saying she would only marry a boy who was a believer in Jesus Christ. Then she met Joshi, a keen believer from the Christian community (and not from any caste). They were married with a Christian wedding and now have a son and daughter who are also fine Christians. But still the brothers and other relatives will have nothing to do with them.

Santosham is a remarkably strong character, and now helps Joy in the Hostel with accounts, and many other duties as Assistant Superintendent, as well as teaching in school, and being involved in many activities with young people. The Lord has indeed blest her for making such a bold stand in her family. So we praise God that girls from Hindu families have come to know the Lord first in Hebron Hostel, and are now witnessing and serving Him in many parts of India. In this way, sponsors have a great part in this work, and we are very grateful to them and the Lord.


1. Baptisms

Besides the 21 baptised in December 05, 11 more were baptised in June 06, after obtaining permission from their relatives, for which we praise God. Special Bible Classes have been arranged for them with local Bible Teachers.

Please PRAY that they will be good witnesses in the Hostel, School and College, and that they may grow in the knowledge of the Lord and His Word.

2. Problems of the College Girls

There was a problem last year about girls attending a Private College in Nidadavol. The times of classes were most inconvenient, as the girls had to leave early in the morning to try to catch a bus, and often returned late afternoon, after dark, making it difficult for travelling and for their meals, with often Sunday Classes. So some have left to live in a separate room near the College, as they did not wish to change to another College. This means that they are no longer under our Supervision, and care, and will not have the usual help provided with books, fees, food and clothes, nor have the spiritual help in daily devotions. Their relatives will have to provide all their needs now.

We are so sorry as some were sponsored girls.

Please PRAY:

3. Good Results from the March Exams
4. Hermon School

There are now 130 little girls in Classes 1-5, with Teachers - Prabhavati, Gracie, Hema Malini, Diamani, and Kasturi, with Jennie Grace as Head Teacher.

Please PRAY that the teachers may be given the needed wisdom and patience in guiding these little ones, and that the girls too may leam well and happily. We are glad that they can still have daily worship and Bible Teaching, without any hindrance.


After discussion with Jennie Grace, and noting the vast amount of postage spent on gift parcels, it has been suggested that instead of sending Christmas gifts by post to your girls, you prefer to send money. Jennie Grace has a member of staff who would buy suitable gifts for them. It is amazing how much can be bought for just £5 (equivalent in Indian Rupees now). I would be pleased to help in this way, if you could send the money as soon as possible. Then I would write to Jennie with names of Sponsor, Girl and Amount. You would later receive thankyou letters telling you what articles had been bought. Of course, if you prefer you could send direct to Jennie Grace.
As always, we send our very grateful thanks to you all for your continued interest, prayers, and many
kinds of help, and pray for God's richest blessing in all you do.

Yours heartily, Joyce Harding

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