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Stephen and Jean Gillham

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Stephen and Jean are also involved with:
2018 marked 60 years since Bert Gray had the vision and saw the need to commence a Postal Sunday School work in Southern Ireland. Bert and his wife Wendy led the work for many years and are stilll very closely involved. This work, which started in such a small way, has grown to be a massive work with children studying Scriptures through Postal Bible School lessons in many different languages across the world.
Stephen is the editor of the BES (Bible Educational Services) News which spotlights various countries where Postal Bible School lessons are being used. It also includes reports from UK Postal Bible Schools and more general information on BES activities. BES publishes Bible lesssons and promotes the development of Postal Bible Schools worldwide.
The 'GSUS Live' mobile classrooms show 3D video and interactive multi-media presentations that introduce Jesus to teenagers as they investigate the themes of forgiveness, fear and rejection. GSUS Live is made available to Secondary Schools through local churches and other groups committed to providing Christian resources in education.
Please remember Stephen and Jean in your prayers.

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