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The memorial service held on 9th March 2010, at 10 am by one of the elders prayers.
It was advertised in the news paper about the service to be in the Hebron Hostel.
We praise God for 450 people (excluding our hostel children) who attended the service, though it is school children examination time and also the middle of the week.
Many eiders spoke about amma and her services to the hostel and church.
Many wanted to speak but could not be given the chance as the service would have gone till the evenmg.
They spoke about Amma's services:
Sunday school teaching:
Vacation Bible school,
Story telling to men and in rural areas,
Caring to poor and needy, rejected of the society,
Many times giving cloths to the poor.
Mostly her simple life as an example.

People as far as from Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Bangalore and both West and East Godavari Districts attended the service.

Many of the older people shared their memories and experiences with amma and of the Hostel..
Even one of the older women told that her daughter was sick and she wanted to take her home. But Amma Harding said "You are going to kill the girl (as the care and medical facilties are not available at their home). Then the woman realised the medical faciities and care and love she was getting from Amma Harding and left her to Amma's care.
Many older personnel cried aloud as they were so sad of the news,
It was certainly most blessed experience to experience with the people amma served and their memories.
All the email messages were read in the service and photos were displayed so public were happy to see them,.
The Hymn "Great is they faithfullness " was sung in English by the staff before closing the service.
All the hostel staff promised to continue to follow the pattern work of amma and work hard to keep up the same.
We had lunch for all the attendees to the memorial service.
We are so happy to see our senior giris serving the food In such a professional way.

By 4pm people started leaving the hostel till 6pm.
We praise God for all His wonderful blessings and way of leading throughout all those years and this far.
With regards to all,

Jermy Grace

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