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Verwood Road Evangelical Chapel

Introducing John Gaughan

This event took place on Easter Monday - 5th April 2010

Picture of John Gaughan playing guitar

John Gaughan

From his early teens John decided that he wanted to be a singer / songwriter and aim for the very top in the world of popular music. By the time he was 19 he had achieved that goal; singing with Hermanís Hermits, he reached the top of the hit parade and he was rubbing shoulders with the most successful writers of the day and singing with the top stars of the 60ís.

On the face of it he had everything, but there was one problem, an emptiness inside that was increasingly being satisfied by alcohol. Eventually Johnís dependence on alcohol took over and within a few years he was a broken man, in body, soul & spirit. He reached a point of total desperation and tried to end it all by throwing himself from an attic window.

During this time many people called to see John, but the only person he could remember was a man from the local church who spoke to him about Jesus. A week after one of these visits, John accepted Jesus as Lord of his life and so began the miraculous rebuilding of his life; broken bones healed and total deliverance from his acute alcoholism.

For the last eleven years or so, John has been singing the old songs as well as some new ones and sharing his story, which has touched many lives, as people have heard how even in the worst situations there can be hope .

The following comment was posted on the Cross Rhythms web site by a gentleman from Bournemouth, in 2009:
"I had the priviledge of attending John's Testimony at a local Church last week. What a truly inspiring man and story..... his songs fitted in so beautifully, and the rawness mixed with his fabulous Yorkshire sense of Humour (I am a yorkshire guy too....), made the evening, and his message about Jesus left Me, my Wife and Sister in Law with Hope and Flilled with Love for Him. Thank you John and God Bless You !!!!"

Picture of a Herman's Hermits Album Cover

Herman's Hermits Cover

Our invitation card for the event:
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